I’m just sick of this tutorials and “how to” posts that can’t give you information that you need fast and simple.

You probably know all this websites, you open in from google search results and you land on 5000 words post on how to install something.

I’m not going to make 5000 or even 2000 words post on How To Install Sass On Windows 10 Using Ruby.

Instead here are few simple steps that you need to do to install Sass on your Windows 10 and start using it.

Note: After you’ve successfully installed Sass on your Windows, you will have to install Compiler, more about that later in this post. 

Install Sass On Windows 10 Using Ruby

You might check your system first to see if Ruby is already installed. To do this Open You “Command Prompt”,

Type this and pres Enter.

ruby -v

If nothing happens, you don’t have it. So keep reading.

Install Sass

Step 1.

Go to Ruby Installer and Download Ruby.

After you click on download, you need to pick one Version. I’m using Ruby 2.4.3-1 (x64) and Sass works perfectly.

Step 2.

After you download Ruby, simply Install it. It’s simple installation, like every other in Windows 10.

Step 3.

After you’ve successfully installed Ruby on your Windows 10, open Command Prompt and once again type:

ruby -v

You should see something like this, I mean this.

How to install Ruby and Sass on Windows 10

Step 3 Actually starts here.

Now, the Magic. Just kidding there is no magic here it’s so simple. Just type this in CMD:

gem install sass

Now wait for installation to finish, if you get some message from stupid Windows Firewall about Access, just Allow Access.

In case you get an error try with this command line:

sudo gem install sass

Make sure everything is alright, type this in your CMD

sass -v

And you will get this answer, if you followed me correctly and if you have normal Windows 10, if not comment something below this post.

Best Free Sass Compiler, How to Install Sass Compiler on Windows 10 Free

Step 4.

Now that we have Sass Installed on our Windows 10, We need Sass Compiler.

There are couple of options out there, mostly you have to pay for them, except few free ones.

And of course why Pay for something that you can get for Free with no hustle and problems.

I had Prepros Compiler, free version, and I can tell you they are Nightmare.

Every 10, 15 minutes you get popup message “Buy, Buy, Buy….”, I actually had feeling that they were tracking what I was doing (I mean not literally spying, but just tracking windows and movement on screen), and every time I switch form one window to another I would get this message “Give Us Money, We love Money Buy Buy Buy…”.

Ok, let’s get back to work. Go to Koala App and Download Koala App (It’s so predictable…).

Step 5.

Install and Start Koala App. Installation process is simple, after you open it lets try what we did so far.

Sass Demo Play

1. Open your favorite Code Editor

2. Create new Folder and make 3 files:

  • index.html
  • style.css
  • style.scss

and link your index.html with style.css

3. Make something stupid in your index file

4. Save Everything, your style.scss file is empty

5. Open Koala App and click on “+” to add new folder

How to install Koala Kompiler for Sass on Windows 10

Here is my base file structure in every new project.

Now you need to tell Koala where should your Sass File Go, I believe Koala will automatically find your style.css and style.scss and link them together, in case it fails to do it.

Go to Koala dashboard, Open you Project Folder, Koala will load your files. Now below this style.scss file you can see “Edit Icon”, click on it, and tell Koala where is your main stylesheet that’s linked in your index file.

I hope this helps, tell me what you think about my Install Sass On Windows 10 Using Ruby Tutorial.

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